Clutch cable help .. Cable to Hydro Integra

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For future reference, what vehicle was cable the for and what size threads were on nut that u used? that way people know what to use incase they need to do this too.

this cable is for an integra DA.. but it is not a honda part.. it is an aftermarket company that makes the clutch cable for the DA with metal threads.. I got mine off ebay but i've seen some auto part stores cary it.. you have to look at the picture of itbecause the description will not say if it is metal or plastic. The thread size fits the castle nuts that are on the ball joints of all hondas.. i don't know the size its either 17 or 19mm


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all b-series fly wheels are the same. 92-93 gsr tranny YS1 cable can use a hydro clutch. thats the only cable tranny that you can do that with. the change over is just like doing a auto to manuel swap. You can use EG, DC, even EK pedals i belive.
the cylnder and resevour are going to be bahind the dash ( right above pedals)
use steal braided lines much easyer to move around how n wher you want them.
I will try and get some pic's for you guys :D
custom cable to hydro conversion

I have a 1992 Integra GSR with a FULL cable to hydro conversion. Under the drivers dash i removed the vent ducts for the drivers side left vent and window defrost vent, then i made a mount to hold a hydro master cyl. and used the FACTORY Integra DA clutch pedal to opperate the master. then ran two lines out. one for the resevoir the other for the slave. TA-DA done. One FULL cable to hydro conversion for the DA.