Crank hard to turn by hand? Normal?

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well i got everything all installed. And ready to start up. Everything seems to be within spec. ACL is the ISH! But the crank is so hard to turn with everything properly in place. It has been torque down properly. Bolted two screws in the crank (flywheel side) and tried turning it by hand. It would not move. So i used a handle of the handle and tried slightly to turn it. The crank turns but it seems like something is making the crank not spin freely. I believe its the thrust washer because when i tried turning the crank. Half the thrust washer came out. I mean I know i installed it right. Because the Groove side suppose to face outward right? Is it because it is lacking oil and theres some friction? I mean I lube everything up before the final install. Help?
If the thrust washer is coming apart when you turn it, something isn't right. Double check the installation and your torque specs to make sure your not overtightening
Are your bearing caps turned around??

My friend had his turned around in his LS he had just finished building. You could barely turn it over. We thought it was just the high compression talking to us, then we removed the plugs, and it was easier, but still hard as shit!

He had SRP pistons, shot peened rods, ARP studs, ported and polished head ARP head studs, all new shit, type r oil pump.

He started it up not realizing his bearing caps were backwards. and the motor overheated within two minutes, pretty much frying the whole motor. I am not sure if that was the exact problem, but it might be a good starting place for you to look.


A fresh built motor with all new bearings will be difficult to turn over by hand, it is normal. Your thrust washers coming out is not normal however.


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I'm having the same problem, no I don't have the spark plugs in, but I haven't checked the rod caps...I'll do that now...

Could it be anything else?


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Hah, what a f*ck-tard, That's the last time I do anything that important stoned, 75% of the rod caps were bass-ackwards. Problem solved, thanks loudassvtec!!