Dohc Zc

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I have the 89 teg ecu on my zc/crx. i was wondering if im gonna be better off with the crx si ecu? and if i should have any chippign done to it and what ?> I am planing on putting a 75 shot on it.
I assume your Integra ECU is a PG7. I have an 89 Integra PG7 in my CRX with my ZC engine. I wouldn't put back the SI PM6, because the Integra ECU has more aggressive timing and fuel maps. It will simply work better with the ZC engine. If anyhing, I would love to get my hands on PM7 ECU, which is actually made for the ZC engine, but they are expensive and rare. I was also told that if you chip the SI PM6 ECU, that PG7 will still work better. I'm not 100% sure about that.
ok thanks for the reply i will check into that... i have heard so many stories abt the teg and crx ecus one being better then the other... ?
i have heard nothing but horrible things about the zc ecu, kinda like that it tends to make up its own mind about where the rev limit should be, and does it very often. that alone would make me not want that thing!