ECU Computer 92-96 4th Gen Prelude, VTEC, Auto

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New Member
I have a 2001 Honda Prelude, Automatic with VTEC, and I am looking to replace the ECU with a '96 or older model ECU to get rid of the Immobilizer. My original computer fried and instead of dealing with the Immobilizer since I don't have the original infamous 'Red Key', I want to get an older ECU and disable it. I currently have a P5M-L55 on the car, not sure which number I would need as long as it still has the VTEC and it's for an automatic transmission. I figure from everything I have read on all forums and through Google, the price should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 used. Let me know if you have something. Does anyone know if the Tiptronic transmission option will still work with an older computer? Thanks.