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I have a set of 17 inch konig gt-r rims for sale they are in great condition one of the four rims has a little bit of curb rash but other than that there great. Im getn rid of them cause i just bought a new set of rims and yes they are without tires but im asking 350 or best offer plus shipping but just let me know. Heres a pic from konigs website if you want some pics of mine let me know.

Or i might be willing to trade for something good if you got it.


Senior Member
i got these, they are 15's with 185 60 15 tires on them, the 2 front tires are ready to be replaced but the 2 rear ones are in great condtion. No curb marks or anything, no bent rims or anything. They are alot lighter then the ones u have, thats for sure.

here is a crappy camera phone pic

u chould use these as track rims and put some slicks on them, i dont want them on my hatch, i want to trade them for something else