I am NEVER shipping anything again.... :mad:

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Watanabe Whore!!!
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Wholllly Jeeebus god Damn Shit@!!!@!@!

My little Ebay I tried was a huge fucking loss....:(

eBay Motors: Rare Mugen CF-48's Honda Civic CRX Race ADVAN Hoosier (item 160288868393 end time Oct-08-08 12:54:39 PDT)

First off I had to wait til the buyer got his paypal set up...no big deal...and then I suggested since I got to ship them to Wa, that the shipping would be cheaper if I took the old tires off, and just ship the wheels in two boxes, and the two tires taped together. And I knocked off $50 for the shipping. So I get $700 paypal'ed to me. cool:) Good buyer.... but now I got the Ebay fee's ($32.31), paypal fee's ($20.60) to deal with. And then Today I went and bought two boxes, tape and a roll of mini-shrink wrap($21.45). Then drove to Firestone to get the old tires taken off...($38.08):eek:, then drove back home and did most of the packing, and then drove to the UPS store...(gas=$5ish)....and now the ups charge is $163.49!!!!! WTF :confused:

$280.93 to fucking sell something, and ship it??!?!?!? WTF is the world coming to????



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you did it the wrong way.. .. shoulda went to a wheel shop and got 4 boxes for 20's+ and put one wheel/tire in each box.. tape 2 of the boxes together and ship 4 boxes as 2.. thats what i did, but without the tires.. free boxes, $60 shipping to MA, from CA.. 70+ lbs

oh, and i used DHL.. much cheaper on heavier things


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NEVER EVER go to those ups store/ mail rooms. They charge a STEEP premium on items.

just drive to water town. Both fedex and ups outlets are right next door to each other.


I'm just about that action Boss.
damn man. That sucks big time. I personally wouldn't have been so lenient, but I'm not flexible when it comes to business time. My time is precious and like yours, you don't get paid for all that driving around and handling you were doing.