Jdm Is The New Rice

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Shit even German domestic market is starting to take hold, I seen a rear spoiler for a CRX on Ebay the other day, and the seller told me that they ONLY made this spoiler in Germany, no where else. Fuck where the hell you get parts from. I am gonna buy high quality parts regardless of where they are made. PPl think that welding on a JDM clip to a USDM car makes it JDM, not only is that really stupid and dangerous, it is what it is, a USDM car with a JDM clip welded to it, its not JDM.
Fuck, I wish I had enough money to import an EK9 Type R from Europe, then I would show all these poser bitches what JDM REALLY IS!!!! ALL you :fr: ricers have just been :owned:
I'm driving a 95 RS Eclipse and I plan on keeping everything USDM for a sleeper look, although i am gonna do a 97+ body conversion eventually so im still not staying stock, but that's besides the point. besides maybe an eventual JDM 4g63 swap, everything will be USDM. Just because that's what I like. The whole rice concept is stupid in my opinion. Yeah, following a trend sucks, but if the perosn likes JDM corners, let them have JDM corners. As long as you build a car you like, then its all good. Even with swapping all your parts JDM, you're still missing right hand drive so the more JDM stuff you put on a car, the more it looks like a cheap imitation. But that's my opnion and i have yet to find someone who shares it.


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good luck with the jdm "cyclone" engine swap. You will need the firewall forward of a USDM gs-t, spyder or gsx. b/c basically everything is differet.


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Originally posted by ryanwolfe911@Apr 7 2003, 12:20 AM
Shit even German domestic market is starting to take I wish I had enough money to import an EK9 Type R from Europe, then I would show all these poser bitches what JDM REALLY IS!!!!

:huh: It would be a left hand drive type R.Much better for driving in the states.


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<ricer>I want to spend $80 on a JDM clock so it has the amber bulb</ricer>

Yeah, when Amy got back she said their were people customizing Astro Vans. :thumbsdown:


big deal.

the Japanese think our shit is "cool"
we think their shit is "cool"

all the Fob's in my area dress like something out of the 50's now....


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"Fob's" lmao i ahvent heard that word in so long. :worthy:


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i never knew why people wanted jdm everything. i did see one guy that had jdm civic headlights that look just like the usdm one. the only jdm car i want is the integra type-r and the r34 skyline. the skyline b/c there is no usdm model and the itr b/c i dont like the front of the usdm one i dont like to go through the hassle of putting a new front end. sometimes its nice to make your ride look decent. but then theres those that go over the top. i prefer to try to fabricate parts myself but some stuff just has to be bought, when you customize or make it yourself it makes it truely yours. others wants theirs to be "Japan's" car, which i dont really get. if its usdm, jdm, edm, whatever i would get it, as long as it benifits me someway.


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JDM Visors for a del sol are good and worth their price because the ones in america are fucking useless and heavy as shit the ones from japan are normal visors and much lighter unlike the shitty american del sol ones that dont block sun


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isnt it odd how they dont block the sun, i mean, someone along the production had to stop and think..."This bastard is 2", there is no way the sun will be stopped"

This reminds me of the age old, are you a punk rocker or a poser argument. personally the only way i can deal with it without arguing (i hate to argue online, no matter what you say you cant change anyone's opinions online)...i dont give a fuck who you are/what you do/what you think is cool, i do what i want to my car because i like it, you do the same, i dont complain, you dont bother me...


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i was just giving an instance where something JDM was not rice i think that may be the only JDM Part that would not be however because rice is anything that doesnt serve a purpose other then making it look better which these are the only thing that would have a function other then looking nice it reduces weight and actually blocks the sun


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well honestly maybe its not always because its cool. Honestly everyone i hear that says they buy jdm i never see it. i see cars in cali with JDM stuff but i have yet to see a car around my area that i see jdm stuff on. granted there are some but i hardly ever see it. so its not like its a common thing, its still rare on the east coast. so i like it because i hardly see it and well it does make a car look different. people who pay out the ass for prices , i agree, are retards. If you have a nice hookup and get things at a good price its a different story. But i don't see how something that makes a car look stock is rice. i'm kinda lost on that. oh well


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JDM because its more functional = :thumbsup: :)
JDM because "its JDM y0!" = :thumbsdown: :ghey:
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