Jdm Itr In 1991 Rs

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How would I do the wiring, would I need some sort of conversion kit. Or could I just take all the wiring out that goes to the ecu, and replace the wiring + ecu, with the itr ones? Or is it a little more complex than that?
Here is what I get with the ITR motor:
Complete Block
Intake Manifold
Uncut Engine Wiring Harness
Complete Head
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Rail
A/C Compressor
Throttle Body
Ignition Wires
The wiring should be about the same as wiring up a b16...if you use the ecu that comes with the motor you might have problems with it plugging in. i thin you could use a pr3 or pwo ecu but i'm not sure. if you use the one that came with the motor or any of the ones i suggested...make sure the person doing your wiring knows what they are doing! i'm guessing the type r motor you have is obd-2 and you might have to just go with a pre obd distributor and use a pr3 or pwo ecu
It's going to be nothing like wiring the B16A1. This is an OBD2 engine and the 91 RS is an OBD0 chassis.
I don't know from personal experience. I have been told that unless you have experience or are really good at following the wiring diagrams it is tough. Again, I have never done it so I don't know. I am sure someone here has swapped an OBD2 engine into an OBD0 chassis.
we just finished swapping an obd 2 into an obd1, and let me tell you, it was NOT as easy as everyone said it would be. going into an obd0, i think i'd cry.

other than changing my mind and getting an obd0 motor, here's what i would do-

first things first, is i would get an obd1-0 conversion harness. convert the car to obd1 as best you can. run an obd1 ecu (chipped p28 would work good)
now that we want obd1 electronics, we need to do some cutting.
you need to cut/splice the injectors onto your teg's harness. I'm not sure if you need a resistor box or not, as you are going to be converting to mpfi (or are the tegs already mpfi?? im not sure on this)
you will have to cut/splice the distributor plugs to use the itr plug on the RS harness.
you will need to swap altenators faces. perhaps the RS teg alternator will work- im not sure. but for our d-series, the mounting points were different, so we had to swap faces to get the plug.
vtec- you need to run wires for vtec solnoid. depending on if your itr uses the vtec pressure switch or not, you will have to run that wire as wel. If you are using an ECU that looks for the pressure switch, all you need to do is join the VTEC pressure switch wire with the VTEC soleniod wire. If im not mistaken, the JDM itr has the pressure switch tapped off, so you can do the above.
you will have to lengthen your o2 sensor wires probably as well.
evap/purge control- the p28 looks for it, and will throw a code if its not wired up. if im not mistaken, the jdm itr doesn't come with one (as its US emissions shit) and im not so sure that obd0 motors had them either. if thats the case, i can't help you there. if your motor does have one, you will have to jerry rig that one to plug into the p28 and the vacuum of the itr motor.
The tranny from the ITR is hydro. your car is set up for cable. you need to run a master cly. and all the lines for the hydro fluid into the slave cyl. I think there are kits out for this- but it mioght be the other way around (cable tranny onto hydro car)

I'm sure im missing a shit load of info. as you can tell, its not easy. If you have never done a swap before, i highly suggest you either re-think your plan to go with the itr motor, pay a shop who has done it BEFORE (trust me- lots of 'expereinced shops' probably haven't), or C- deal with the fact that it may take you 6 months to get your car running again. And no, I'm not exaderating. it may take a week or 2, it may take 6 months. Just be aware of the complexity of the swap you are doing.