miniDV camera poll

ok, so the link doesn't work.... damn cookie sites. LEANR HOW TO WEBMASTER YOU FUCKS. pathetic.

anyway, its the cannon ZR80 that I'm looking at.


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canon makes good cameras. If it's a miniDV the quality should be good too. Their top end cameras are the ones used in the digital video industry. i say go for it. I think it will get the job done pretty well. you can hook it up to edit too with the firewire. i think those come stock on all digital video cameras now. anyway here's a link for the others to see.

Canon zr80
evertyhign on that site is about warranty crap. if you buy a store warrnty for $80, you're stupid.
just buy a new one when it breaks. christ.


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every store, every product, every whatever else... has a site like that about it

and :werd: to what B just said


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I'm quite happy with Best Buy in general, and their customer service actually... I bought an MP3 CD player from them from their discount table... $199 originally, discounted to $119... I got them to go all the way down to $89.00, they helped me get a new harness for it (probably the reason it was on the discount table in the first place), and I still got free installation. They ended up replacing it 4 times (no fault of their own, it was the crap Jensen products :) ), all for free, and they never balked. Finally got a decent one and I'm happy with it.


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hey B looking for a sweet miniDV cam. I just bought a canon optura 20, Im a film student and i know whats good. Those ZR's are decent but pay the extra money and opt for the better picture quality of the optura. Only buy canon or sony nothing else. You should def get these cams cause they have a CCD chip which gives you way better quality and also with these camera you have the option to change lenses unlike the lower end models. And canon has tons of lenes. DO NOT listen to those at the store they dont know shit! best bet Optura 20<--- also with a 3.5" LCD screen oh yeah!

Buy a CANON Optura 10,20,XI

10-$429, -20-$509, XI-$929
welp, I ended up going with a sony DCR-TRV33

the guy was taking it out of the box to put up as a display model as i walked in the store... open box special - $150 off. $699 camera marked down to 449.

i got a hell of a deal.

touch pad LCD, shot steadier, night mode, it even has a name-brand lens: Carl Zeiss

Re-live your favorite memories, again and again! The DCR-TRV33 has everything you need to preserve them in great-looking home movies: you get Mini DV's awesome picture quality, a megapixel CCD for detailed photos and video, and a Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® lens for accurate, lifelike color. All you add are the tape and the good times!

The compact DCR-TRV33 is sized for easy portability — wherever you go, take it along. And it's furnished with lots of goodies designed to provide excellent results with minimal effort. For instance, Super SteadyShot® stabilizes the picture (no more dizzying shakes and bounces!). Use Super NightShot® with Color Slow Shutter to film in dark settings, and take advantage of 10X optical zoom to capture your subject up close.

Not only does the 'TRV33's 2-1/2" color SwivelScreen™ give you a clear, full-color view of your subject — it's also a touch-panel. That means you can easily navigate the cam's menus, or even set the focus or exposure, just by tapping the screen!

Want to snap digital photos? The DCR-TRV33 can handle that, too — still image resolution goes up to a nice, crisp 1152 x 864. (Photos are saved to the included 8MB Memory Stick® — for more storage, just add more Memory Sticks! See "Recommended Accessories," above.) This cam will also capture MPEG movie clips that you can e-mail to friends and family, and even serves as a webcam by streaming live or recorded footage to your PC's USB port.
Key Features:

* 1-megapixel CCD
* digital photo mode
* photo resolution options: 1152 x 864; 640 x 480
* MPEG Movie EX
* compatible with Memory Stick or Memory Stick PROâ„¢ (8MB Memory Stick supplied)
* 2-1/2" color touch-panel LCD viewscreen
* color viewfinder
* PCM stereo digital audio (12-bit or 16-bit)
* variable-speed 10X Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 120X)
* Super SteadyShot
* Super NightShot with Color Slow Shutter
* auto and manual focus
* shutter speeds (1/4 – 1/4,000)
* 6 AE modes
* digital picture effects
* i.LINK jack
* Exif Print (2.2) compatibility for digital photos
* A/V input/output, including S-video
* USB (1.1) interface
* M-JPEG video streaming to PC via USB (Microsoft® NetMeeting® required)
* Intelligent Accessory Shoe
* microphone input
* 2-7/8"W x 3-9/16"H x 4-7/16"D
* weight: 1.32 lbs. with battery
* warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

Supplied Accessories:

* 8MB Memory Stick
* A/V and USB cables
* remote control
* AC adapter/charger
* rechargeable InfoLithium® battery ("M" series)
* shoulder strap
* Pixela® ImageMixer CD-ROM (Windows® and Mac®)

USB Requirements:

* USB port
* For PC: Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000 Professional, or XP Home/Professional
* For Mac®: OS 8.5.1 – 10.2
* Note: The USB streaming function is not compatible with the Mac OS.
* For additional requirements, see Detailed Info.

In addition, i bought a carry case, an extra 3-hour batery, 3 minidv tapes, and a car charger kit. out the door for 640.
a little more than i wanted to spend... but hey, what else is new. lol

got rated pretty damn good too:

#7 on the top camcorder list too... not too shabby at all.

Top Camcorders
1. Canon GL2
2. Canon Optura Xi
3. Sony TRV38
4. Panasonic DV953
5. Canon Optura 300
6. Sony TRV19
7. Sony TRV33
8. Sony PC105
9. Sony TRV22
11. Sony TRV80
10. Panasonic GS70
12. Canon Elura 50
13. Canon ZR60
14. Canon ZR70 MC
15. Panasonic GS50S


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 25 2004, 02:34 PM
the guy was taking it out of the box to put up as a display model as i walked in the store... open box special - $150 off. $699 camera marked down to 449.

Very nice! That would be $250 off though...

On the extended warranty stuff- I agree most of the time, but I tend to buy them when I'm getting something with a short model revision life, especially if it's something that I carry with me all the time and is prone to breakag. I ran extended warranties through BB and CC on my phone and camera for the last 6 years... it's been VERY beneficial.

7 cameras and 12 phones later, I can say that the extended warranty was well worth my cash! Here in Austin we like to call them "extended trade in policies". That's actually how a lot of the salesmen at BB like to sell them- they're college students selling to college students, so they all know the drill.

damn, i can't count!!! LMAO! i got even a better deal than a thought.

i didn't get the warranty. it was $144 for a 4 year plan. fuck it
if it breaks, ill buy a new one.


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Damn. Yeah, that's too much. You're a lot less likely to break a DV camera that you either carry in a padded case or on a mount in your car than one of my phones that I carry in my pocket... plus that warranty is just way too much!


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sweet. Now this means you have to finish the sol so I can see you do an in car 11 second run, or a 50-150 run in like 10 seconds. Get a good car mount.


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I have the TRV22 I was looking at the cannon cams but... nah sony turned out to be a much better pick =)

the cannons had VERY bad reviews when used in poor lighting

atlest that was the case back when I was shoping around


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shoulda got the canon optura. Your gonna be sorry now. And those touch screens are a pain in the ass! My gf has a sony with that and I hated it. I love the canon wheel/button.

Sonys alright but manual focus is a bitch on those. also not as many lenses as the canon