Phyregod needs a new car...

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If you can find it - 06/07 Accord v6 6 speed 4 door. Those are damn quick, can pull 30mpg on the highway, and are really fun to drive. They are much better executed than your Element. That car was a rushed effort. I'm also partial to the BMW 3 series. If you can do the work yourself, they aren't terribly expensive to own, and offer a rewarding driving experience.
Now, you see, The accord is the jesus car. Its perfect in every way. Built well, Uber dependable, cheap to maintain.. And I don't like it.

Bring back the EG, Mount that accord engine mid-ship, charge $25k for it, and you'll sell hundreds of thousands of them. Or... At least 5.

Oh, and ditch the EG dash.. You can have the Sexiest eg on the planet and you still have to stare at that fugly ass dash.
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Of everything I want, the rsx-s seems to win out. Vdubs are pretty flippin expensive. The rsx is cheap, still a Honda, and hopefully old enough to avoid the build quality issues.

Price aside, i'd get a gti, put a biggo basket roof rack and a trailer hitch on it and be done. But I'm not going to plunk down almost $30k on a hatchback. Ever.
TDI's are nice, and for the most part pretty reliable when compared to gas engined VW's.

Legacy Sedan/wagon, or IS300 sport-cross.
I skipped alot of the this.

How about a Maxima? My brother had one and really liked it. My buddy has one and really likes it. I think theyre both '04's. That body style anyways.

Or Dodge Caliber or Avenger. My cousin has an Avenger and its got a nice comfortable interior, and decent looks. Plenty of options. The Caliber is the same, plus the option for the SRT package.
Test drove an 08 350z today. Sexy little thing, white with orange leather. But It was an auto. It should be illegal to put autos in such a vehicle. Really neutered it. Got a line on 2 rsx-s's. Both blue on black. One 04 and one 05. We'll see how that pans out.
I forgot which years but a couple years of the Saturn Vue had the Honda V6 in it. Maybe check those out... :shrug2:

You are looking for a practical car to move shit and you look at a 350z? Does not compute lol.

I'd vote for the Audi A3 too. Badass car.
a3 quattro. done.

Saturns aren't all that bad. How many honda engines do you know that can take 3 hot laps on the race track with NO WATER OR COOLANT AT ALL, and still finish the endurance race? Sure, it had some minor issues like water in the oil, but it finished...

It sounds like you want a sporty car, but with some utility to it. Might I introduce the a4 quattro wagon?
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A3 quattros are nice. The 3.2's don't have any big problems, and if you spring for one of the newer 2.0T AWD ones it has more torque than the VR6 motor and better mileage. If you want one with FWD, just avoid the 06's as they have the well-known high pressure pump/camshaft issue.
buying a saturn is like buying a daewoo.

yup, good luck finding a dealer when shit goes bad....
The 350 doesn't compute at all, but I figured I'd give it a chance, just incase.

I don't have an Audi dealership within 200 miles of me. The acura keeps winning out some how. I've searched cars $15000 or less, somewhat sporty, 2005 or newer... the RSX is where its at. That or the Cooper-S. Pretty even playing field there. The Jetta and the beetle are there as well, but I would never own a beetle. Ever. And the jetta is meh. I spent several years in england and my father even drove us around in a mini (A real one) for a while... I have a special place in my heart for those things. But I love honda. I have since my first rex.

For $15k I can pick from several 1977 Corvettes. Orange. My dream car for like 15 years growing up. Not practical in any way, but I can have one. Damn.