Out with the Angel...In with the DEAMON!


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Tomorrow i'm going to start ripping out that old angel of a d15 from my HF (such a shame, almost brand new at only 127,000 miles she was just getting broken in). She ran well....but slow as hell. With the new DEAMON --ok not really, just a b16 -- arriving on tues, wish me luck as I attempt my first ever swap.

I'm really excited/worried. I have one week to finish the swap and I hope all goes well...Guess I'll find out next week.

btw: If anyone wants an HF tranny (or any engine shit at all) let me know

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tru.........not trying to knock your current motor - i have gotten great times with an SIR2 but it was more like a rare occurance...


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I wouldn't start swaping until you have the engine in hand. It could be late, and then your screwed. Also, since it is a motor that you do not know the history on, you HAVE to change the timing belt and water pump. It is very easy to do when the engine is out. It is much harder when you have 2 inches to work with when its in the car. Also, this would be a good time to do a clutch (agian you dont know the history, the clutch could be on the way out) when it is out of the car, all you have to do is unscrew like 10 bolts, pull the tranny, do 10 on the flywheel and pressure plate, then reassemble. Much easier then with the tranny in the car.

Good luck anyways.


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Ya, its a b16 SiR 1. I wish I could have gone with a 1.8, but theres no way I could have afforded it. Both GSR and type R engines are way out of my budget, LS has no vtec (and is only 142hp), and LS/VTEC is a little beyond me. I can always swap in a 1.8 block later if I want to.

asmallsol- I am already planing on changing the timingbelt, water pump, and clutch while the b16 is out. I think I should be OK for timing. Steve (hmotorsonline) told me yesterday that the engine would be here on tues.

Thanks for the support!


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Originally posted by ktanaka@Mar 14 2004, 01:02 PM
Steve (hmotorsonline) told me yesterday that the engine would be here on tues.

aww good ole steve i remember him from my b16 in my civic