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ok guys i don't know much about this kinda stuff so im looking for opinions. im going to be getting a set of component speakers for my 83 civic build. i want something that is clear and crisp but also have volume. ive narrowed it down to 3 choices. im thinking planet audio,mb quart or phoenix gold.or if there are any others out there that are good that wont break the bank just throw them out there.
i really like my kicker 6x8s in the rear. i have had no luck with JL components for the front. i think my car destroys the front speakers due to how stiff it is though.
i dont know if they make car speakers.. but i took them out of some floor speakers and they sound fucking fantastic.
what is it that you are wanting out of these speakers super clear all acrost the board and good lows. I would plan on spending at least 250 pair on mid level componets with a crossover and also what are you going to drive these with head unit or an amp.
are you going to get any type of sub to go along with these? or do you need to make a little bass with them too?

i have found kicker's speakers to be really clear and loud for the money (pretty cheap on ebay). but the bass output is pretty weak so you may need a sub. infinity speakers are the same way, but they are a little more expensive. i have an all kicker system in my truck (including sub) and it sounds awesome, everyone is impressed by the clarity.
nah my kickers in the rear have GREAT bass. the fronts are T3 audio and are the mid/highs. the rears are more for my lows. if you have a decent headunit with time correction and an EQ you can make magical things happen - even with subpar speakers.
When I had my Mirage I put two sets of Alpine Type R components powered by a 4 channel Kicker amp. The Alpine components sounded really clean.
well i love the way my stock bose sounds in my rsx, but i guess im wanting something that is a good all around speaker. its got to be able to have some bass or it will sound like crap with just highs.as far as putting a amp on them, im gonna try it on the head unit to start with and then if it needs a amp i will add one.i listen to almost 0 rap music, mostly classic rock and pop.
I have no complaints with my infinity reference speakers that I have in my honda. Hell I don't even know if they make that line any more. Bought them years ago.
I love Infinitys also.

Find someone who works for UPS or is affiliated with Harmon Kardon; they get really good prices on JBL, Harmon, and Infinity speakers. When I was working at UPS, they had the best price I could find(yes, better than ebay)..
I can vouch for the Infinitys also. I have the Kappa Perfects in the accord and they are nice and loud, but I do have an amp hooked up. I don't think that they would work well without one.
I do SPL and SQ with usaci and I have found that hertz is awesome for the money. You can expect to pay about 200 per set. If you have a bigger budget I would recomend soundstream or even focal. I have lots of audio goodies if you would be interested in them.
kicker components are awesome and sound great. MB quart is pretty much overrated now. all the other companies can compete just a well when i comes to sound quality.

boston is also a great brand. are you looking to just replace your old stuff or really into the SQ. depending on how loud and what type of music you might want to listen to some of the cheaper stuff first.

pioneer,alpine are good if your on a budget. eclipse,mb quart,boston,JL,kicker etc will be alittle more expensive.
update just bought some alpines. not long ago. i called and talked to about 3 stereo shops and talked to crutchfield and they all said alpine after asking me tons of questions. thanks for the opinions guys