Swap * Axels.

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When you buy a complete swap does it come with rear axels also, or are you going to have to go find some?

I couldn't imagine myself using 5 lugs in the front and 4 in the rear, thats kinda :ghey: in my own opinion.
ummm your talking about the hub assembly... the axle just plugs into the hub... and you dont have axles in the back unless its RWD or AWD
Erm yea. Sorry... was thinking AWD for some reason (looking at Mitsu Evo's I guess.).

But anyhow.. does it come with the hub assebly?
And if not... where would you get a 5 lug rear assebly?

(thinking B18c1 into 5th gen Civic)

Just take GSR rear hub assemblys?
if you wanted five lug you have to take it off of a type r, but if you are doing a b series swap into your civic, you dont need a 5 lug conversion all you need are the right axles and intermediate shaft
no. lude wont fit on a civic properly. only ITR
so are new crvs, nsx's, legends, some accords, tl,rl, cl, the list goes on... only ones that work on a civic are ITR