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Check this out.
My original plan was to get a H22 motor put in my 95 Civic. I was going to have it done in April. I had already purchased my new springs to install to start beefing up my suspension but my shocks were jacked up and they busted open once I installed the springs. So I had to purchase new shocks(KYB's) and that set me back roughly another $300.
What I was thinking about doing is putting a B16 in right now through Hookup Imports in Upland. I talked to Chris over at HookUps and he told me that if I want I can bring the car back in a few months and hell swap in a CRV block so I'll be running a B20/Vtec <_< . This will cost me an additional $1800(few months down the road). And until I save up enough for the B20 block I can get my rims and tires.

What do you guys think? Should I get the B16 now and convert to B20/Vtec later or should I just wait a few months and get a B18C1 or H22?

Your opinions will be considered very carefully.
I'd say go with the crvtec in the future and the B16 now.If you cn afford them to do the conversion,then why not,crvtec seems like a good motor and Hookups is a competent shop.What are they going to charge you for the B16?
He said he'll do it for $2900. I'm gonna ask him for a little better deal once I go there. I'm planning on heading out there later today to talk to him.
Hook Ups did my b16 swap and they did a great job, Chris is a really nice guy. How much are they going to charge you for it?
Originally posted by brc80@Mar 12 2003, 12:52 PM
Hook Ups did my b16 swap and they did a great job, Chris is a really nice guy. How much are they going to charge you for it?

B16 swap into my 95 Civic through HookUps = $2900
converting to B20/Vtec in a few months through HookUps = $1800
Originally posted by brc80@Mar 12 2003, 01:26 PM
I got my whole swap for $1900

How did you get it so cheap?
Was it a B16A1 swap? If so, that would explain why it cost so little.
He quoted me $2900 for a 2nd gen. Not sure which engine he's gonna get me yet. Either the A2 or A3. He doesn't have the engine yet, he's gonna pick one up as soon as I gime him a deposit for it.
Originally posted by rsaeini@Mar 12 2003, 10:02 PM
BRC80 and 92b16vx,

how much did they charge you guys for the B16?

I live in Germany,haha,but I've seen their work and talked to Jake,they know their shit.
Yeah i agree, Chris and Jake know there shit, i am very happy with the work they did, very neat, and thourough. (If i spelled that right?)
People, I think I got a pretty good deal.
I bought a B16A2 complete change-over from a guy for $1800(delivered). I have chosen to install it myself due to budget costs and the fact that I think it will be a sweet project to do myself(with a friends help of course).
The only problem is that it's uses a OBD2 and my car is OBD1. Oh well, that's what a project is all about. If you have any experience in this please help me out. I have made another post titled "B16A2 swap instructions" and any advice you could give me would be great.