Vundo :-(

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Capt. Orygun

Win the Day
I think this is the worst virus ever.

My computer wouldn't boot the other day, I had to restore a previous config. When I did, there was Vundo. I've tried Ad-Aware, AVG Free, & Vundofix. Nothing...

Even tried doing it in safe mode and still no good

anyone ever faced off with this before? I can't reformat because my disk was damaged in the move, I really need this computer to function till the end of the year when I transfer to Oregon, so if anyone could help that would be great...
Silver, being in an IT environment my users have fallen victim to Vundo many many times. the easiest thing to do is just a backup and reformat.

what disk are you talking about? hard drive? i could always ISO something for you and put it on my FTP.
Hey man if you are still looking for a answer. Spybot and Malware Malbytes is a good solution

Run them in safemode. Malware Malbytes is the one to run. Spybot has a Tea Timer that will allow you to stop the processes from running.
I finally fixed it

I used SUPERAntiSpyware free edition

it sounds like a dumb name but it worked. A couple scans and reboots later and I'm completely clean :)