1996 Acty SDX

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in the meantime,

That's pretty incredible given the current shipping delays etc.
Nice that it'll be coming by air.
If stuff can get on a plane and get off the ground, it usually comes pretty quick. I've had dozens (literally) of shipments from Japan / China / Europe that have only taken DAYS to arrive...meanwhile, I've had an ignition coil bracket that's already cleared customs sitting in Australia just waiting on a ride for about two weeks.
Perhaps it'll even be fully intact when it arrives to the body shop too!
Called the body shop just a second ago:

"Glass guy is coming this afternoon, I'll give you a call as soon as it's done and ready to go."

This gets better...

The body shop (unnamed at this point) called to tell me my truck was ready. And then they said the total was going to be $3184.30. I asked how that could be nearly double of my estimate ($1477.xx), and I've received no supplemental quote. The guy told me that it was "like 1900 dollars for the windshield replacement" and then he got really nervous and put me on hold when I asked why they wanted me to pay to replace the windshield they broke.

About 10 minutes of being on hold, and they're going to try to contact the Regional Manager of this body shop company, and see what they can do. The guy said "We'll probably have it all done on Monday."

So, here I am, spending my morning on the phone with my insurance company (who has a business agreement with this body shop) to start a glass claim.

So, yeah, no truck yet. Will update later.
I called my insurance company, who then called the body shop.

Body shop confirmed to my insurance company that "it was damaged during the course of repair."

So, now I wait until Monday, or until they can get in contact with the general or regional manager to get the total due fixed.
GM of the body shop just called me. He is going to get the invoice taken care of, and give me a call this afternoon. He says he's not sure why they added it to the invoice, he supposed it was probably because it was listed as materials for the job, but they carried the cost over since that's what they usually do.

I have some theories as to how it got added to the invoice, but I'll keep them to myself.