1996 Acty SDX

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No pictures, but I did work a little bit on the paint on the right door... I'm gonna have to get the paint thickness gauge out, because it's gonna take a lot of cutting. I'm not sure it'll ever match.

Now, next thing: Do I get it tinted or leave it without tint?
My daughter asked me how much gas the Acty uses, after we got done at the gas station, so we built a spreadsheet to track it.

I can see on the tanks where I didn't go on any highways are actually pretty high efficiency, and the tanks that were all highway sucked down the fuel. This little thing is very happy at 50mph, and unhappy at speeds any faster than 55mph.

What’s up with that bike? Looks smaller than the blast.
Looked it up. That’s tiny! Pretty cool scooter style bike though! And they come in NUT brown. Love that.

Edit: damn the cb300r looks like my kind of bike !
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