bluetooth headset for calls at speed

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I need some bluetooth advice.
i'm taking a lot of calls on the road these days and i'm struggling.

my car has bluetooth, i can hear everyone just fine, but no one can hear me unless i'm like screaming, and there's a TON of road noise going over my mic. and since muting is only on the phone, not on the steering wheel, it's basically useless.

so i bought an in ear liger sx2 headphone set with mic built in-- but can't be seen. no idea where it even is.
same problem. no one can hear me at any speed over 45 mph. (yes, this is windows up, ac on low).

end up going to speaker phone on my phone, and holding it, and playing the mute game which compleletely defeats the point of hands free calling. lol

any advice on a better device? something with noise canceling on the mic?
maybe i need this?
I keep a Plantronics Voyager Pro (older version of this) in my car at all times, I've had no complaints.
If you want to try it out I'll let you run it for a week or so.

the Plantronics Voyager Legend looks promising too.
Thats exactly what I was going to recommend. I've had that same headset for 3 separate generations and it's been fantastic the whole time. Also worked great with the PS3.

Had 3 because wife vacuum'd the power cord on the first, and then the ferret ate the mic boom on the 2nd.
*shrug* most of it's negative reviews are due to durability. My first one (granted, thats the version from 2009) lasted me 3 years, and broke due to my carelessness (and my wife not looking where she was vacuuming). The next one last 2 years until the ferret got it. And my last one lasted about a year before it refused to connect.

$100 for a year of use seems good to me, but maybe I'm just weird.
as i said, I'll let you use the one i have for a week or so and you can see if it works for you... if it does cool, go buy one... if it sucks for you then move on to something else

mine is probably 7-8 or so years old, i dont use it all the time but it lives in the "ashtray" of my car so its always there if i need it, i only ever take it inside to charge it when it dies, not really much chance for it to get damaged physically, but it deals well with living in the rather harsh swing of temps in the car. battery still holds a charge well. talk time still seems good, though i dont make many marathon calls with it.

the plantronics voyager models have ranked in the top 3 of pretty much every bluetooth recommendation list ive seen, they even rank high on the lists geared toward truckers dealing with a noisy environment (which is how and why i decided on mine back when i got it... figured if it works for truckers it should work for me, and it does)
You two still live in the same house, right?
I haven't...
not sure those types of tihngs are what i'm looking for. I remeber the Parrot tihng being popular though