D16Y8 with integra ECU

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I need to know how to find out exactly what ECU model i have, and what it is set for as far as auto or maual trans if it makes a difference.

the reason I ask; I have a Civic LX with auto trans. My gear indicator lights are weird. When i am in park, the light surrounds 'park'. When i shift, the light dims, yet still surrounds 'park' as well as the gear I am really in.

Any suggestions? was this ECU for a Manual Trans maybe? does it make a difference with how my engine interacts with my trans? (been having trans problems as well. delayed shifting. down shifts fine but accelerating is awkward. have to really race the motor to shift to second, third and so on.
Help!! :( :unsure:
look at the ECU and read the 3 letter code in the middle if the 2nd to last # is a 5 then its an auto ECU anything else it's a 5 speed