did i install the neuspeed koni sp3's right?


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i finally installed with my bro neuspeed koni on my integra gsr 2000, can you take a pic of your car of how the shocks should look like installed, because i finally install shocks, its weird the front became higher than before, before i had neuspeed race springs with stock shocks which sat low, and after i installed the neuspeed konis with the neuspeed race springs, and the height raise a little, its not as low as before is this normal, did you have the same problem, i didnt have time to install rear, will do when i have time
i heard a pop noise, but its gone now


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Well aslo you said you had stock dampers befor, there may have been alot of squat from running the lowering springs on the stock dampers, thoughi would make 100% sent sure there the right springs.