Mr Brain's Faggots

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Originally posted by Celerity@Aug 11 2005, 06:25 AM
The Faggot Family.

That boy looks pretty pissed. He prolly knows that his chances of not getting the shit beat out of him at school are now 0%.

-> Steve
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His chances weren't too great anyway; his last name is already Doody.

And I know that in Ireland (could be the UK as well) Fag is a term for Cigarette.
ahhhh, ok. i thought they were talking about cigarettes, but then i was like you dont, atleast i dont, eat cigarettes. :shrug2:
I can imagine some swedes right now:

"He say heez car smokes"

"No, Egil - Smoke mean cigarrete een america"

Faggots are meatballs. And Cigarettes. And rectal renegades. in some cultures, it may mean something completely different too :) English is funny like that.
Brain's faggots are a food product available in Britain and Ireland, which are made up of liver and onions rolled into meatballs and served in a sauce. These commercially available faggots differ significantly from the traditional recipe.

why don't they just call them FUCKING MEATBALLS THEN?!?!?!
A faggot in most other countries isn't considered a homo. I know in costa rica, the english people (british) used the term normally, some of the english speaking islands also don't use faggot as a derogitory(sp?) word.

There are a lot of other english words the US doesn't use. "Carn't" is a commonly used word in England that isn't used here. I'm almost positive it means the same thing as "can't".