smoothest set-up

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well after a recent accident that left my car down for a while, I realized that for my daily driver i will be doing no modifications for reliability purposes.

Now the person I got the car from had sleve coil overs put on the stock shocks. and the ride qualty sucks. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend the smoothest non stock suspension set up?

i searched and came up with about fifteen pages of threads started a bot. so any help would help me a ton
tokico (hp or aluminas) and a good set of springs it all depends on how much you want to spent. i have the hp and love them and a buddy of mine just put a set on his 02 with skunk2 springs with no complants.
i know that I will prolly end up spending 1000-1200 so would it be better to go for a lower end coil over set up? or a good quality spring and strut set up.

know koni yellows and GC springs are pretty pouplar, is this simply a track set up or could i set the damp to full would that work? the roads arond here are terrible lol


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smooth ride but a little lower than stock.... eibach or h&r sports, teins are pretty soft too. get some decent shocks to go with them too of course


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not like the hydraulic ones. doesn't cadillac have an air ride type suspension that makes it smooth?


eibach sportlines
kyb agx's or tokico blues

that will give you a little lower, and a 'sport' ride thats not harsh


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IMO.. get some KYB AGX and some OEM Type R springs..