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Which method do you guys think works best? I hear some guys say they rev up to a certain RPM and then just dump the clutch. Others Rev way up there and come off of the clutch much slower and kind of feather it. Which do you use? What do you think is best?

It all depends on your set up. With me, my clutch sucks, on its way out and i wont put one on until its for the ITR swap. With a stock clutch, feathering it is a little harder on it but wheel spin can be eliminated. With me, I rev to about 2.5-3.5k rpms, dump the clutch, and kinda slowly press the gas in, other wise i get too much wheel spin. If I had good suspention i would probally be offering you diffrent advice
it depends, true not much, but once you start to spin, it is hard to stop (coeffecint of friction is reduced)
yeah i do it alot like asmallsol does... i had a act stage 2 and i'd dump it at 2200-2500 and it'd hook up (like a b16 has the power to spin at 2500 anyways) but that always worked pretty good.
depending on how good my tires are determines where i dump at.
with the paradas i have now(about 500 miles on them) i dump at about 6. that might sound like alot but my friend dumps his sol at 3 and i smoke him off the line everytime, same motor, but he has more work done.
wheelspin is not a bad thing in a car whos peak power is at 7200, dump too soon and your wheels will catch way before your powerband. dumping at 6 by the time my wheels catch im high enough in the rpms, that vtec engages off the line and im off. you just have to be able to control your wheelspin. with 14's and old tires i dumped at about 3.5-4, dumping at 6 or higher on them and id bark 4th :)
dumping it is good if you have slicks... thats about it.

ride it a little bit- i bet you go faster
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 23 2003, 01:57 AM
dumping it is good if you have slicks... thats about it.

ride it a little bit- i bet you go faster

But if your like be that has a shitty clutch and does not want to shell 2-300 on a shitty d-series for a clutch, your going to dump the clutch and just "feather" the gas to prevent wheel spin
My theory is a lttle different, if you dump the clutch it doesn't spin on the flywheel that much and won't heat up like it will if you feather it. Once your clutch is hot, you won't get a clean shift into any of the other gears, therefore not providing the maximum amount of horse to the wheel. Your clutch will just spin for a few seconds. Basically, when you heat up your clutch, it acts like an old worn clutch and we all know we can run better times with a new clutch. I dunno, just my two cents.
rev around 5000 and feather it to reduce wheelspin. When runnin a torqueless motor, any lower there is no torque to even speak of. The key here is to keep within the higher edge of the powerband and not bog. Keep in mind I lauch like this with a stock clutch and a 70 shot on tap. This is by far the best method as every Sat all summer I experimented.
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jan 23 2003, 01:21 PM
i do what b does or said it works better for me... i dump to do burn outs

werd. . .. droppin the cluch = smokey rubber burnin fun
riding the clutch = better lauch, less wheel spin
Originally posted by wildbillhatchbac+Feb 2 2003, 10:44 AM-->
@Jan 23 2003, 01:21 PM
i do what b does or said it works better for me... i dump to do burn outs

werd. . .. droppin the cluch = smokey rubber burnin fun
riding the clutch = better lauch, less wheel spin

speaking of burnouts for fun... a week ago i was leaving a bar with my friends in the cx and as we were driving out a dumb mother fucker stands right out in front of me and would not move... so i got a dumb idea of doing a burn out to scare the mofo so he would move.... i pulled up the ebrake reved up real high and dumbed that mother fucker... the dude freaked out and moved fast like ... i kept it going for a few seconds and let of t e and drove away.... it was a real smoky burn out and i was proud of it :D
heres my 2 cents, nothing proven or scientific about it, just how i do it

i have 2 ways to launch

car is a 89 crx si, d16a6 motor, coilovers, 15 in wheels with federals (cheap ass tires)
stock clutch

either i

a: rev up 2 2000, dump the clutch and spin out a bit then grab

b:rev up to 3500 ride the clutch and eliminate most of the spin

when i track race or race on really good roads i use method A

when i street race or race on roads not really good for racing like roads with dirt or old gravel ect i use method b

also i agree when the clutch gets too hot it slips, mine does it all the time.

who here has a b16a sir? with a upgraded clutch? what do u launch at?

why i ask is because im swapin one in.
It is always going to depend on a few factors no one can say what is right cause no 2 cars are exact... you have to know your car.. biggest factors are weight of car, clutch, tires, and your engine.. it is something you need to figure out yourself. go out and lay down some rubber and find out what is best do it over and over cause practice makes perfect
to properly launch by dumping you do need slicks or 18's. Sit in an empty parking lot and just practice in all differents ways to see what your car does best at. Expirement for yourself with riding the clutch, feather the gas whatever.
ive got a B16a with a shitty ass stock clutch..and if i dump at 3000 ill spin for days..but ive never tried it at the track i really dont know what method is gonna work for me..i jus know i cant wait till i upgrade my clutch..not yet..i still lots of work to do first..
funny... only time i get traction on the launch is if i launch like im just driving off from a stop sign, but then all that traction stuff comes to a hault when vtec kicks in ::shrug2:: lol but what do i know... PLUS when i had slicks on at the track i STILL didnt get traction, and thats launching at 2500-3k... hopefully a zex flywheel will help me out!